If you would like our legal opinion, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Given the sensitivity of the legal affairs we handle in our profession, it is always advisable for you to obtain a second opinion. Assessment by two different professionals is the best strategy for obtaining the optimal result. Getting a second opinion from a professional also reinforces your peace of mind when dealing with a sensitive issue. 


Consultation fees:

100€ + VAT = 121€

Our fees include:


The meeting can be face-to-face or virtual. The meeting is divided into four phases with the aim of obtaining maximum efficiency. Step 1: client's presentation of the case. Step 2: The lawyer will ask you a series of relevant questions to outline the matter. Step 3: analysis of the evidence. Step 4: definition of objectives.


Once we have obtained all the case information and evidence, we study the different legal actions that can be taken, we analyze the legal viability of the matter and we evaluate the possibility of solving the matter by means of an extrajudicial alternative.


Once all documentation has been obtained, we proceed to scan it, classify it and order it in chronological order. We then examine the documentation in detail to sift through the evidence we will use in the case and that which we will discard as unreliable.


At the end of the case study, we contact our clients again to communicate our legal opinion on the matter. Our recommendations are not binding, so if the client wants us to take over the case, there must be an acceptance of the assignment by both the lawyer and the client.

Our firm reserves the right to accept the assignment according to the volume of work available at any given time.

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